No, driving a car on Velika planina is strictly prohibited. You can drive up as far as the Mačkin kot parking lot, from where there is another 45 – 60 minutes’ walk to the chalets. The easiest access is by the cable car or the double seat lift to Zeleni rob, from where you will have another 5 minutes on foot until you reach the chalets. More information on the cable car and the double seat lift can be found here: www.velikaplanina.si 

Our company does not manage the cable car or the double seat lift. Information on working hours and prices can be found at: www.velikaplanina.si or +386 1 8327 258.

All information on the operating of the ski slopes, timetables, and prices can be found at: www.velikaplanina.si  or +386 1 8327 258.

In the vicinity of the chalets (5 minutes on foot) is the restaurant Zeleni rob. Approximately an hour's walk from our chalets is the Domžale home, where they offer delicious traditional local dishes. The path there is undemanding across the entire mountain – past the herdsmen’s settlement Veliki stan and the chapel of Snow Mary. A bit further are the mountain huts Jarški and Črnuški dom. You can have a pick-me-up at Sladki kot (»the Sweet corner«) near Zeleni rob, where they offer snacks and sweets.

Working hours of Zeleni rob restaurant: http://www.velikaplanina.si/

Working hours of Domžale home restaurant. http://domzalskidom.si/.

Unfortunately, there aren't any shops. Bring your own food, beverages, and other necessities.
There is a pantry in each chalet, functioning as a mini bar where you can find bottled water and a food supply available for purchase (pasta, sauces, canned food, canned tuna, toast, beer, milk, juice, salty and sweet snacks, etc.).

Yes, the mobile phone service is mostly working very well.

It is hard to forecast weather for the mountains. The most reliable information about the weather on Velika planina can be found here:


Herders and their cows usually depart for Velika planina in June and return to the valley in the beginning of September. For more information on specific dates for this year's season, we recommend following the announcements on the website http://www.velikaplanina.si/.


Encijan, Zlatica, and Resa chalets have 6 beds each, Gorenjka has 9, and Pehta offers 12 sleeping spaces. Preparation of bedding and towels is an additional service, usually not included in the price (with the exception of specific packages). You can bring your own towels and bed linens, or you can order them from us. You choose the service when booking your stay.

No. Even though all of our chalets are modernly furnished and have nice bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, they somewhat differ in the luxuries they offer. Gorenjka, Encijan and Zlatica have both a sauna and a Viking pool (hot tub), chalet Pehta only has the Viking pool (hot tub), while Resa is a classic style chalet with neither one. You can see all of the chalets here:  www.vpr.si/en/chalets/.

No, water on Velika planina is not drinkable, even if you boil it beforehand. We depend largely on rainwater, thus the water is suitable only for washing and showering. All of our chalets have updated bathrooms with warm water. Plenty of bottled water can be found and purchased at each chalet, or you can, of course, bring your own.

Yes, all of the chalets have electrical wiring and plenty of electrical sockets.

With a prior reservation and for an additional fee, we can provide you with a wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi) in all of the chalets.

Basic equipment is provided in the kitchen (pots, pans, plates, glasses, cups, and cutlery). Appliances may differ between chalets (induction/glass-ceramic cooktop, (microwave) oven, a fireplace/furnace). Zlatica, Encijan, and Gorenjka chalets have a dishwashing machine as well. An outside grill can be found at Pehta and Gorenjka chalets.

Yes, there are a few board games at your disposal in the chalets, and you will find a reading corner inside, too. The books and games are intended for all of our guests, so please help us keep them in good condition. By all means we recommend that you bring a book or a game of your own as well.


We recommend:
●     a backpack (suitcases are not suitable for hiking)
●     hiking boots
●     trekking poles
●     hat, gloves, buff bandana
●     hiking pants (and a spare pair)
●     short and long-sleeved shirts
●     a warm sweater
●     extra thick socks
●     a raincoat/windbreaker
●     house slippers
●     a tracksuit
●     pyjamas
●     underwear
●     first aid kit (Band-Aids, bandages, etc.), and
●     a personal hygiene kit.

Each chalet provides:
●     salt
●     pepper
●     oil
●     vinegar
●     sugar
●     a dish-sponge
●     kitchen and bathroom cleaning liquids
●     kitchenware
●     firewood
●     soap
●     shampoo and shower gel.