Personal data of users of our services

Velika planina resort respects your privacy and the security of your personal information. We assure the users of our services that we treat all personal data confidentially and treat it as a business secret. In no case will we disclose personal data (e.g. name, e-mail) that you provide to us via our booking system or via the contact form to third parties.

Protecting privacy

Velika planina resort does not publish the personal data of its users, except with the express consent of the user or by order of judicial authority.

Server statistics

In order to improve the availability of services and offer even better information, we constantly analyze our websites and perform traffic statistics. Records of visits to our sites do not contain the personal information of our users, nor do they direct people who visit our pages.

Use of cookies

A cookie is a small written file that individual web servers write to your computer when you visit websites. The cookie does not read data from your disks or data contained in cookies of other servers stored on your disk. Our servers occasionally use cookies that remember the pages you visit. This way, the communication connection between your computer and our server is faster. If you have customized your web browser in this way, you will be alerted on your screen with each cookie record. You can also customize your web browser to prevent cookies from being written.

IP addresses

IP addresses are numbers that are unique to each computer that has access to the Internet. They are used to identify the addressee and the sender of the data online. Our server records the IP address of your computer for each transfer within the booking system. This is to securely transfer and protect against misuse of your data. The user's personal data is not accessible to third parties (outside the booking system).

Secure data transfer

We provide the users of the booking system with the greatest data protection. For secure data transfer between your computer and our server, we use the "Let's Encrypt" certificate and SSL technology with 128-bit encryption. All personal data, numbers of personal documents, payment cards, or other means of payment provided to us by users through the booking system are transferred exclusively through the said technology. Velika planina resort reserves the right to change any information stated in this document. Any changes will be immediately available to all users of these sites.